UK Customer References

‘My organisation’s expense management and non-pay savings strategies rely on ‘good data insights’. To meet the current savings challenge and to turn insight into action fast, I believe that NHS procurement teams must further develop analytical competency by partnering with a world class benchmarking and analytics partner. At Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust our new partner is BravoHealth.

I am confident that this creative partner, who are pushing the boundaries of spend analysis system functionality, will be the solution that makes the difference to savings and cost avoidance delivery at my trust’.

Andrew McMinn, chief procurement officer, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

‘Heart of England Foundation Trust have run BravoSolution project, collaboration, spend analytics, sourcing and electronic contract
management software since 2007. Their eSourcing and spend management suite underpins much of the Trusts effectiveness in managing and containing its non-pay costs, helping the Trust save a recurring £5.5m for the last 3 financial years’

David Coley, procurement director, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

‘For decades the NHS has found itself blind to the reality of its position unable to see the opportunities available, criticised for acting individually with little or no visibility of any aspect of the business from NAO and media. If the NHS was a private sector business it would close its doors something we can not do. We have searched individually and as a true partnership of like minded organisations and we have selected Bravo Health as our Benchmarking and analytical partner. NHS South of England Procurement Services will recommend and use the tool across its portfolio of customers to turn the tables and provide clarity and visibility to all aspects of the data available’

Alan Hoskins , Director of Procurement and Commercial Services, NHS South of England Procurement Services

International Customer Examples

Bravo also work internationally with healthcare customers from the United States, Europe, Dubai and Australia.

A sample of our international customer base is shown below.